Coffee Cake Challah

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There is just something about store-bought coffee cake, especially Entenmann’s that is irrestible. I cannot control myself when it is around. Several times in the past few years my husband has brought one home, in an attempt to make me smile. And of course I immediately yelled at him for buying it. Then I ate the whole thing in one sitting. What can I say – we all have our weaknesses.

My dear friend Danielle recently suggested I should try my hand at mashing up my classic challah with a coffee cake. I nodded my head in enthusiastic agreement and got to work right away.

coffee cake challah vertical

When my dad tasted the new flavor he said, “hmmm – tasted just like Entenmann’s!” I can’t think of a better compliment. Yes, even my daughter enjoyed the new flavor, but first she needed to snap a few shots.

coffee cake challah photo taking

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