Challah Baked Brie Recipe

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I think you know by now that I will try to stuff challah with almost anything: meatballs, pesto, pastrami and even candy bars. So it just seemed silly that I had yet to try and stuff some challah with an entire wheel of cheese. It was time to tackle this unchartered territory.

But I guess it should come as no shock: challah wrapped around some brie is delicious, decadent and a great party appetizer, whether it’s for New Year’s Eve, an evening with friends and a case of wine or Shavuot.

Here are a few tips for executing this recipe.

  • Leave the brie in the fridge until the very last moment before ready to bake.
  • Don’t worry that the brie will get too gooey – some will likely leak out, and that’s just part of the messy delicious fun.
  • Experiment with different jams or chutneys for fun flavor combinations. Because it was fall and I had leftover cranberry sauce, that’s what I used. But you could also use a spicy pepper jelly, a mango chutney, raspberry jam, apple butter or fig jam.
  • You can really use any plain challah recipe you like for this. My recipe should be split into two and can be made into two baked bries for a large party, or you can make one baked brie and one regular challah.

melty brie challah

Challah Baked Brie

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