How to Make Rainbow Challah

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It all started with the rainbow bagel. The rainbow food craze next extended itself to a sort of weird-looking rainbow grilled cheese. And it even includes a rainbow cheesecake. So of course there was only one thing to do – make a rainbow challah.

But actually, the rainbow holds significance for Jews because of the story of Noah. Some families have even adopted the custom of baking a rainbow challah for Shabbat the week that parsha Noah is read. So there you have it – Jews were most certainly the catalyst for the rainbow food trends.

Watch below to learn how to make your own rainbow challah and check out this classic challah recipe from Claudia Roden if you don’t have a beloved recipe that you regularly use. Want to get those super vibrant colors? I like using Wilton gel colors which you can get at a baking supply store, a craft store or online.

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