Apple Potato Latkes Recipe with Tahini Silan Sauce

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Can you think of a better marriage between two traditions? An Ashkenazi Hanukkah favorite paired with the Middle Eastern Sephardic flavors of dates and tahini. Talk about a match made in heaven!

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But the truth is, everyone loves latkes, regardless of their background. There’s something about the crispy, shredded potatoes that no one can resist. And even though we didn’t grow up eating them (it was all about sufganiyot for us), we make them for our family every year…and not only during Hanukkah!

This year we wanted to go the sweet route, since we’ve always made savory latkes. We added Gala apples, cinnamon and cardamom to the batter. The simple yet delicious dipping sauce combines tahini and silan, a sweet, dark amber-colored syrup made from dates and water.

The inspiration for this sauce comes from a tahini-silan spread our parents used to eat when we were kids. They would serve it on a plate with big pieces of pita or French baguette. Consider it the Middle Eastern PB&J!

Apple Potato Latkes 2

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